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Calypso Mahieu, born in Paris in 1993, is a freelance photographer and video maker.  

Currently living in Switzerland, she is graduated  from ECAL/University of Art and Design of Lausanne in the Visual Communication department, major in Photography.

Working between Paris (FR) and Lausanne (CH), Calypso's work is both elegant and erotic, with light at the heart of her photographs. Calypso first discovered photography through women's magazines and she was fascinated by the light, the bodies and the attitudes rather than the fashion itself. As such, working around women, nudity and eroticism has become essential to her aesthetic. The viewer is invited to dissect the extensive anecdotes and references to the past that are embedded in each image. Calypso talks about finding inspiration in the every-day and using light as her secret weapon.

Calypso is represented by POLY- since September 2016.



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